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Smart On-street Parking Aims To Solve Congested City Centers

- Dec 18, 2017 -

IEM is a leading European manufacturer of intelligent instruments to manage on-street parking. Recently IEM published a white paper about smart parking solutions to congested city centers. With traffic in urban areas constantly on the increase, city center parking faces numerous, sometimes conflicting challenges.

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City parking should improve access to local businesses to encourage people to use them rather than out-of-town retail parks. It should also make the city center more attractive for residents, while encouraging people who work in the city center to use park-and-ride schemes. Finally, city parking should promote non-motorized traffic.

compared to off-street parking, on-street parking has a lower cost per space , it needs to be optimized. New technologies such as on-street parking monitoring, signage with unoccupied space availability, enforcement optimization, and dynamic pricing can make on-street parking more efficient for drivers thus reducing the congestion in city centers. Collecting and analyzing data from parking sensors, surveillance cameras, scan cars, and mobile payment apps can also optimize on-street parking.

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