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Smart Parking Revenue Control System

- Jul 10, 2017 -

We will have a comprehensive understanding of the parking revenue control system.It can let you know more about parking revenue control system and you can benefit from it.

1.Intelligent parking revenue control system in parking management system
Intelligent parking revenue control system,which is the general designation of the modern parking lot charging system and equipment automation management. Specifically,it records the vehicles parking information by the smart equipment such as sense card.And then process the information into the recognized signals.Thus, to achieve the time charges and the vehicle management.
The main functions of parking revenue control system:Automatic billing, automatic access to the vehicle, a car one card , alarm function, immediate cash audit function, as well as, automatically display monthly and vacancy information.Moreover,these are their important features, are indispensable.

2.The entrance/exit requirement for parking revenue control system
Specifically,the main entrance/exit requirement for parking revenue control system is:
When the car is in the RFID sense area,the sensor can receive signal from the sense card and then sense card generates a response signal back to the sensor.After that,the CMS will receive the signal.When the CMS get the signal,the barrier automatically open if the card is valid.As well as,the camera begins to record and photograph the vehicle entering.The license plate number and the driver information can be recorded in the computer.At the same time the video recorder began to record, photographed when the vehicle into the photo, in the computer, then record the vehicle license plate number and the driver's information, so that effective records for post-check or from time to time.The effective records can be checked in the later or from time to time.

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