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System Overview

- Jun 13, 2017 -

A parking lot refers to a site for parking vehicles. The car park can be divided into four categories: heating garage, cold room garage, carport and open-air parking lot. The main task of the parking lot is to keep parked vehicles.

Car park system is based on modern electronics and information technology, in the parking area of the entrance to install an automatic identification device, through the Non-contact card or license plate recognition to the vehicle in and out of the area to implement judgment recognition, admission/refusal, guidance, record, charge, release and other intelligent management, the purpose of which is to effectively control the movement of vehicles and personnel, record all the details and automatically calculate the charge limit, to achieve the safety management of the vehicle and the charge in the field.

The car park system integrates inductive smart card technology, computer network, video monitoring, image recognition and processing and automatic control technology, and automatically manages the vehicle in the car park, including vehicle identity judgment, access control, automatic license plate recognition, parking space search, parking guidance, passing reminder, image display, vehicle calibration, time calculation, fee collection and verification, voice intercom, automatic (receiving) card series of scientific and effective operation. These functions can be reduced or increased according to user needs and actual site flexibility, to form different scale and level of luxury, standard, thrift car park management system and vehicle control system.

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