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The Structure And Function Of Parking Lot Management System

- Jun 13, 2017 -

Parking management system structure and function of central control system: Master module, LCD keyboard, computer serial board, car park management software, intercom host, such as computers and printers;

Parking Management system architecture and function entrance system: Entrance chassis, card machine (optional), card reader, controller, color camera, vehicle detector, automatic gate, vehicle full position display, etc.

Export system: Export chassis, card reader, card-receiving machine (optional), controller, color camera, vehicle detector, automatic gate, etc.

IC Card car park management system using IC induction card as a vehicle access to the car parking voucher, to achieve a car card, and combined with advanced image capture technology, to achieve vehicle access to the parking lot image contrast, real-time monitoring car park operation, effectively prevent the loss of vehicles, the completion of parking fees computerized management. This is the property Management department realizes the parking lot management modernization, the elimination ticket loses the good method. For the convenience of card, you can use IC and RFID Composite card.

The system software uses the SQL database, is based on the WINDOWSAM 2000 platform development and forms the graphical Chinese version application, the interface is friendly, the operation is simple, the function is perfect.

Login system: It is the portal of the operator entering the system.

System maintenance: It is to provide the system of vehicle parameters, charging standards, system operators, data maintenance, software information maintenance means.

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