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Wii Cloud Parking System In Intertraffic Mexico 2017

- Nov 17, 2017 -

Exhibition Name: Intertraffic Mexico 2017

Exhibition Date: 2017.11.15 - 2017.11.17

Booth Number: 1009


The Intertraffic Mexico 2017 is held in Mexico from 15 to 17 November 2017. The Mexico international automobile and transport exhibition is the largest and most professional international automobile and transportation exhibition in central America. Intertraffic Mexico is the platform for companies and traffic industry professionals from around the globe, wanting to explore business opportunities in Mexico. The show attracted professional visitors from Mexico, Germany, Brazil, China, Colombia, Spain, the United States, Italy, Britain, Singapore and other countries.


Business opportunities in the Mexican market:

Mexico is the second largest economy in Latin America, the 14th economy in the world. GoldmanSachs predicts that Mexico’s economy will be the 8th in the world by 2050. To fulfill this ambition there has to be an upgrade in the transport infrastructure, something the Mexican government understands and is committed to. The current infrastructure plan of the Mexican government (2013-2018) consists of 149 projects with an investment of 30+ billion USD. Also Smart Mobility in Mexico will experience significant growth in the coming years.

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Exhibits Profile:

Infrastructure and supporting: public lighting, road construction and maintenance, track technology, tunnel technology, road equipment, road signs, street facilities, reflective materials, consulting and research


Transportation operation management and new energy vehicle supporting equipment: communication / remote information processing, electric vehicle supporting facilities, intelligent transportation system technology, smart card technology, alarm system, toll system, emergency handling system, traffic information and control system, urban construction plan, consultation and investigation


Safety materials / products / facilities: traffic signs, traffic lights, crash cushions, barrier, traffic cones, speedometer, traffic safety clothing, emergency equipment, consultation and research


Parking equipment / facilities: parking, materials, parking, parking fee management system, barrier systems, access control system, monitoring system, consultation and investigation

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After a long period of preparation, in this exhibition, our company has shown our company's products to friends from all over the world. In three days’ display, our company's products attract the great attention from customers at home and abroad. Many customer have conducted detailed consultation on the spot, and hoped to have in-depth cooperation through this opportunity. We communicated with many traffic professionals, and established profitable business relationships, exchange ideas and enhance know-how. Through this exhibition, we not only had cooperation agreement or intention with many customers, but also had friendly exchanges and made many new friends with customers and  coteries.


If any inquires, comments or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will warm to the service attitude to meet you.

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