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Wiiparking Parking Management System And Parking Flap Lock System Linked To Wii Cloud

- Aug 09, 2018 -

On Aug. 9th, Wiiparking technician go to old site to help client updtate features based on existing Wiiparking system-- to link all Wiiparking system to Wii CLOUD Platform to help client to monitor all device at office. As client Mr. Yan said, " It's hot now, I don't want to go to site to check local server to get parking revenue reports, since you have advance CLOUD platform, it'll be great to help me monitor status of all my parking lots". Currently Mr Yan has installed 6 parking lots with Wiiparking management system products and 350 sets parking flap lock. All the parking device will be linked to Wii ClOUD then Mr. Yan can monitor all parking lots at home.

Parking Management system

Parking flap lock system

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