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Parking Revenue Control Systems

  • Multifunctional Ticket Dispenser

    Multifunctional Ticket Dispenser

    Multifunctional ticket dispenser is one of the entrance equipment to the parking lot. Its major components are display screen, printer, ACboard, power module, air switch and so on. There are also...

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  • Smart Parking System Exit Ticket Verifier

    Smart Parking System Exit Ticket Verifier

    Smart parking system exit ticket verifier is designed to verify the tickets which has been paid at central pay station. It is very easy to work with barrier gate, pay station and ticket dispenser....

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  • High Speed Automatic Rising Arm Vehicle Barrier Gate for Parking Access Control System

    High Speed Automatic Rising Arm Vehicle Barrier Gate for Parking Access Control System

    Are you looking to control the entrance to a block or condo, or to a car park? Barrier gate system is the best solution here. Barrier gate(also known as Automatic barrier gate) can be integrated...

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  • Parking Validation Machine

    Parking Validation Machine

    The Wiiparking Parking Validation Machine is a ticketless entry/exit solution featuring a five-line display, proximity access, credit card with receipt, FlexScan barcode imaging technology, and...

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  • Parking Ticket Validator

    Parking Ticket Validator

    Upon exit, parking users have options on how to pay for parking, users can pay at central automatic pay station or central manual pay station or exit pay station. After paying at central pay...

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  • Parking Ticket Reader

    Parking Ticket Reader

    Parking Ticket Reader is a parking equipment which is installed on the exit roads of the parking lot, checking the ticket has been paid and allowing the exit of the car. The parking ticket reader...

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  • Exit Ticket Verifier

    Exit Ticket Verifier

    Wiiparking Exit Ticket Verifier(ETV) is a flexible unit that fully controls exit lane by scanning a barcoded ticket to all transient users, by checking card,etc. to all permanent users. Full color...

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  • Parking Exit Terminal

    Parking Exit Terminal

    Wiiparking Parking Exit Terminal with multilanguage, multicurrency, universal online (TCP/IP) or stand-alone exit station. The peripheral allows for Bar Code, Magstripe or Combined operation, and...

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  • Parking Exit Station

    Parking Exit Station

    Parking Exit Station (exit ticket verifier,exit ticket machine,exit ticket eater,exit ticket validator) is also known as special parking ticket validator, it combined to barrier gate and exit...

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