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Modularized Ticket Dispenser

Modularized Ticket Dispenser

Modularized Ticket Dispenser is mainly used for car park, shopping mall, airport and others.

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Product Details

What’s is ticket dispenser? As the name implies, it is used for issuing ticket in smart car park. The ticket dispenser mainly consists of the display screen, receipt printer, power and other module. Its modularized design is convenient  for maintenance.  

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Modularized Ticket Dispenser Detail

Place of Origin: Jiangsu, China

Brand name: Wiicontrol

Model: CP2

Certification: ISO9001,CE etc.

Price: Negotiable

Installation Notes

1) Pay attention that the tickets can’t be installed on the contrary, the thermal side should be put upwards; Method to distinguish the thermal side: scratch the paper with nail, the thermal side will appear livid trace.

2) Paper roll should be protected against mould and moisture;

3)  Regularly to maintain and clean the printer.

4)  When change the paper roll, pls be careful.

5) One car one ticket.

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