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Automatic Pay Station

Automatic Pay Station can also be called auto pay station, pay on foot station, or pay and display machine, is set up on the way to parking lot exit or other proper location.

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Product Details

Automatic Pay Station can also be called auto pay station, pay on foot station, or pay and display machine, is set up on the way to parking lot exit or other proper location.

• It offers self-service of parking fee collection to drivers.
• It also provides auto,humanized and safety management to parking lot

The automatic pay station can accept bill, coin, bank card or other value card.and support mobile payment. It can also give change in coin or bill if you required.

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Automatic Pay Station Technical Parameters

Net Weight235kg~265kg
Power Consumption500W(normal);1200W(max)
Working Temperature-35 degree to +65 degree
Communication ModeTCP/IP
Cabinet MaterialCold-roll steel sheets

Operation Process of Automatic Pay Station

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1. Scan the barcode ticket or read parking card which is dispensed at the entrance machine. If it is LPR car parking system,just input your license plate number for payment.
2. The 19-inch HD LCD touch screen will show how much you need to pay.
3.Pay as the machine 's payment methods. You can combine several payment methods to pay parking fee.
4.Receipt is printed after payment. The car parking system allows 5-15 minutes for leaving the parking lot after payment. The time can be set by yourself.
5.Scan the bar code ticket or reading parking card at the exit machine, then the barrier will open automatically. If it is ANPR car parking system, you can leave the parking lot without stop.

Automatic Pay Station Features
1. Distance Control by Internet
The car parking meter is connected with Internet. The administrator can control the machine in his office. He can set or change all the parameters of the machine in his computer, and get all the statistical data of the machine and all kinds of reports in his management software.

2. Modular design, make maintenance work conveniently.
Each module is independent, if one module cannot work , it will not affect other modules' working. Just replace it with a new one, and the replacement is easy.

3. Damage Alarm
The machine has infrared sensor. When someone breaks it, it will immediately  alarm loudly and give an alarm signal to management center.

4. Self-diagnostic function
The machine can do self-test / self-checking. When one module cannot work, it will send a exact malfunction alarm to center, And the administrator can know which module does not work.

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Our Service

Excellent team of engineer for R&D and after sale service, who can provide technical support.

Life-time free of charge on-line technical support.
1 year guarantee for hardware repairing or replacement; life-time software upgraded.
Rechargeable to abroad for technical training and guidance in site.

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