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Central Car Parking System

Central Car Parking System

Central car parking system is better than traditional parking system. It also avoids the shortcomings of many human factors.

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Central Car Parking System

Central Car Parking System Introduction

Car Parking System is taken to create a standard and convenient parking environment for parkers. Central Car Parking System means the charge method is central charges. Central charges can be divided into two types: one is central pay station, the other is central cashier. No matter which charge methods, the central car parking system can both improve parking lot mangement.

Central Car Parking System Classification

1. Central Pay Station: Parkers pay parking fee on the automatic pay station.

2. Central Cashier: Parkers pay parking fee to cashier.

parking system plan.jpg

manual pay station cashier.jpg

Central Car Parking System workflow

Central Pay Station

auto pay station.PNG

Central Cashier

The central cashier has the similar method to pay for parking fee. The one difference is cashier instead of pay station. The 

vehicle gives the ticket to cashier and pay by cash, mobile etc.

After payment completed, vehicle takes the paid parking ticket and exit.


Increase revenue and save management cost

Improves facility management

Monitors vehicles situation

Create a cosy parking environment


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